You Don’t Want A Solar System

What you want is to get rid of your electricity bill. Perhaps you’re ready to do your bit to save the planet by reducing your carbon footprint. Or, maybe you just need a charging station for your new electric car?

We’ll design, install, and maintain your solar system in Gawler, Barossa Valley, and the greater Adelaide metropolitan area.

If any of these things sound like what you want then you have arrived at the right place. By installing a solar system, we can help you to:

  • Reduce or eliminate your enormous electricity bill.
  • Go green by reducing your carbon emissions that contribute to global warming.
  • Provide you with an outlet to plug in and charge up your new electric car.

In South Australia unlike the UK…we are lucky to have regular sunshine on tap. This makes it the perfect environment for you to capitalise on the power of renewable energy by incorporating a solar system as part of your home or business.

EcoSurge Electrical and Solar System Adelaide Feature photo of a young woman wearing a hard hat and high vis vest inspecting Solar Panels on a roof.

Before we get too far into telling you more about what we do you first need to know a few truths.

  • A solar system will only perform at maximum efficiency IF it is designed correctly, installed properly, and maintained regularly. This means your solar system needs to be specifically designed for your premises – home or business. An off-the-shelf solution will NOT give you the best performance and highest return on investment. If someone tells you it will – run away quickly from them

  • There is no such thing as a cheap high-quality solar system. That is complete B.S. Solar systems that are advertised for a low price, or are massively discounted for a limited time only are marketing tricks… and are used as a way to sell you a more expensive system. Beware of celebrities with no qualifications telling you about solar systems. They are not qualified to tell you anything about renewables

  • Inferior products (usually cheap) will not continue to produce electricity as specified over the lifetime of the product. In plain speak – their performance declines as they age

  • We can fill our website full of technical information and talk about the different types of solar panels and inverters, battery types and capacity, voltage, current, and wattage BUT knowing this will not help you choose the correct and most suitable solar system for your home or business

Without wanting to offend you, reading a pile of technical mumbo jumbo on a website is not a replacement for what we offer.

We have spent years undergoing specialist training to become solar power experts so you don’t need to try and become one just because you want to get rid of your electricity bill. Let’s face it no reasonable person tries to understand how an internal combustion engine works before buying a car… Solar power should be no different.

What makes us different at EcoSurge Electrical is that we design, install and maintain a solar system based on your consumption needs, your usage patterns, and your financial goals.

Our unique six-step process guarantees we get it right all of the time.

  1. We will meet you on-site, whether it is your home or your business. This is essential to truly understand the building type, geography, surrounding structures, solar panel placement, and orientation.
  2. We will do a full site inspection. We need more than a boy look, and Google maps don’t always show you everything you need to consider. Tech sometimes makes people lazy.
  3. We will look at things like shading options. Surprisingly darkness and shade don’t work well with solar panels that’s why we want to see your dark side.
  4. We don’t like surprises and nor should you. This means we will inspect your switchboard. We are qualified electricians not salespeople so we can tell you with confidence what is needed, and if there is any preparatory work needed before solar is connected. We also need to properly situate where the equipment like inverters and batteries can be installed based on Australian Standards.
  5. We will do a full bill analysis while we are sitting with you, hopefully with a good cup of coffee that you have kindly made for us.
  6. We will design your system while sitting in front of you. It will be a full custom solution based on everything we have discovered, analysed, and spoken with you about. This is because it’s about you and not us.

After doing all of this with you we will give you a full custom solution. This is our recommended solution and it will include the return on investment calculated properly based on your information and data.

Alternatively, we can also offer a range of options and packages for you to pick from. If pricing and budgets are a key consideration then we will help identify the most cost-efficient and appropriate system that will allow you to save cash in the long term and won’t break the bank in the short term.


EcoSurge Electrical and Solar System Adelaide photo of a man in blue overalls and yellow gloves installing solar panels on a roof.

A few very important things to know about us:

  • You will always get our full 5-year workmanship guarantee

  • We are fully licenced and qualified electricians with more than 15-years industry experience

  • We are a Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited solar installer (add a thumbnail for the CEC certificate)

  • While we are solar specialists we can do all types of electrical work at your home or business if you need more than a solar system

At EcoSurge Electrical, our focus is building a solar system that is tailor-made for you.

Solar energy is not a one size fits all industry. Through years of experience, we know that solar systems are a long-term investment. With the right match for your property, you could be receiving a return on that investment for decades. Therefore, we do not take any job lightly. We always look out for the future benefits of our customers.

We consistently stay up to date on new regulations and solar system technology so you can be confident you are getting the best performance out of your solar system and that if any issues are to arise, they are detected early, and the problem is solved right away.

You may find this disturbing or interesting… pigeon proofing is an important maintenance item. Yes, you are correct pigeons have nothing to do with solar panels however pigeons seem to love building nests and taking shelter under roof-mounted solar panels. This can cause major and potentially costly hazards for many reasons…

The job doesn’t stop after installation, at EcoSurge Electrical, we strive for excellence in all that we do. We are committed to the highest quality of service and workmanship in everything to do with solar and solar systems. As specialists in repair and upgrades, we will maintain and monitor your solar system over time to make sure that your family or business always has access to FREE energy.

Please call, or email us now to book a convenient time to discuss a proper renewables solution.