Find out how you can get your custom solar system in Adelaide and throughout the Gawler/Barossa region with EcoSurge Electrical & Solar

You definitely want a solar system to massively reduce your ridiculous and ever-increasing electricity bills (yes grid electricity costs far too much) and possibly reduce your footprint on the planet even if you’re not a greenie. We get that.

But… what you probably really need is someone to help you safely navigate your way through the solar systems minefield so you can make the best decision for you and not some slick salesperson who is going to try and sell you the products that they will make the most commission on.

Maybe you need someone who can give you the facts in plain English, someone who is qualified to explain the differences with the different technologies, and more importantly will tell you the truth about which system will give you exactly what you need – without the hassle or stress. Well, if this is you then you have arrived at the right place.  READ MORE

We design, install and maintain solar systems in Adelaide and the greater metropolitan area, and we do all of this in-house. This means there are no subcontractors or third-party vendors to deal with. We do it all to make this hassle-free and easy for you. We are the one-stop for all of your solar systems. We can design a small system for your home and build large commercial solar solutions for your business.

Surprisingly not all solar systems are created equal. There are so many options and choices when it comes to choosing a solar system in Adelaide. Being spoilt for choice is good but it can, and does, cause a lot of confusion when you’re trying to select the best solar system for you and your budget… and let’s face it everyone today has an opinion about what is right.

With an ever-increasing range of panels, inverters, and batteries all with a different level of quality, performance and price make choosing the right system almost impossible.

So, who do you believe with so much noise and confusion … the fast talker with the lowest price and the best marketing?

We understand how difficult and overwhelming this can become. That is why we have built a unique process to determine exactly what is the best fit for your needs based on facts, not opinions.

We design solar systems with efficiency (bang for buck) in mind. We do this by specifically matching what you want with the right type and combination of solar panels, inverters and batteries. This maximises the performance of the solar system which gives you the best return on your investment over the lifetime of the system.

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Buying a solar system is only the first part of the puzzle

Once we have worked with you to select and design the right solar system that is most suitable for your needs the next critical step is getting it installed correctly.

This is nearly the most important bit to know…

  • We are fully licenced, qualified electricians and accredited solar system installers, plus properly insured.
  • We design the system specifically for you and then we install it. Yes, the person who designs your solar system in Adelaide is the person who will install the system.

All of this absolutely guarantees you it is going to get done right the first time. Our reputation is built on this.

Electrical Services

We are specialists in the design and installation of your new solar system in Adelaide, we are also fully qualified and able to complete other types of electrical work.


  • General residential electrical work

  • Commercial electrical installations including shop fit-outs

  • Home renovations and additions

  • Switchboard upgrades

  • Full security systems and security camera solutions

  • Home theatre, surround sound, and tv installations
  • Hard wired internet and wireless accessibility

EcoSurge Electrical and Solar System Adelaide, image of solar panels on a roof with a beautiful blue sky in the background with the sun shining on them.

How we can guarantee you will get what you need.

For us to help you get the best solar system in Adelaide that works for you means we must:

  • Meet with you in person at the location where the solar system is required. We need to complete a full site review to determine the best placement for maximum solar generation – there’s no point putting panels in the shade of a big tree…
  • Ask you the right questions, and answer all of your questions
  • Properly assess your usage patterns and consumption – now and future
  • Understand precisely what you want to achieve with your new solar system

This is the minimum standard required to properly recommend the best solution for you.