Need a Security System to make your home so safe and secure that you can sleep peacefully every night?

When it comes to protecting your family, your home, and all of your prized worldly possessions nothing will beat a properly designed and equipped security system. The only exception may be if you employ security guards, or buy a couple of Rottweilers, to freely roam the yard when you’re not home. If this is not an option for you, maybe your next best alternative is a state-of-the-art security system.

Can you remember watching the news and seeing the footage of someone on CCTV committing an offense but the image is so blurred and grainy it reminds you of an old black and white tv that is poorly tuned? If you have, then you have probably thought, ‘why did they spend all of that money on a security system with the worst quality cameras ever because you can’t identify the criminal’s face. What was the point?’

Not all security systems are created equal. Like all thing electrical some products look good and perform badly, and others that look average and perform outstandingly well – and yet the prices can be similar.

We know this because we have been installing security systems for a long time in all types of homes and businesses, and in all types of settings, and we will only use high-quality equipment that is fit for purpose.

A bad camera is not worth having unless you are hoping that it will be a deterrent. There are ‘fake’ cameras that are known as ‘dummy cameras’, mostly because they don’t work, but potentially because of the dummies that are buying them. This is not a good alternative for a security system.

A good security system is like insurance, no one likes paying for it until they need it, and then it is too late. The damage, trauma, and stress caused by not having an adequate security system can take a unnecessary emotional toll on people and their families. Don’t let this happen to you.

The first step is to talk to us.

We will help you increase the security system of your home

We start with offering you the right advice about what you need. We can then design a fully customised security system solution that will meet your specific needs.

We offer a range of services including:

  • Full security systems – a fully integrated system so if anything arrives that is not supposed to be there you will know about it

  • Security cameras – high-quality HD cameras that will even work effectively by giving you a crisp clear picture on the darkest of nights

  • CCTV system – so good you feel like you have set up your own control room at home. Add the App to your mobile devices and no matter where you are you will be able to see what is happening at home

  • Sensor operated external lighting, not only will this light up the area for unwanted intruders it will also provide an excellent safety system by lighting up the outdoors without having to turn the lights on beforehand

  • Smoke detectors – essential for all homes. Hardwired and installed in the correct locations are an absolute must

  • Electric gates – the first line of defence is a barrier to entry. Remotely operated electric gates will block access they will also add extra value to your property. Add cameras to the electric gates and you will have added another layer of security. The only missing from this is a drawbridge and moat (sorry we don’t do those).

  • Security and floodlighting – to remove the dark corners and also to provide great lighting for properly illuminated pathways and driveways for your safety

  • Maintenance and repair – of existing systems or we can upgrade your older crusty security system to the newest state-of-the-art security system

EcoSurge Electrical is the team to call to increase the security of your home

If you’re looking to take a step towards securing your home or property, EcoSurge Electrical will be there to provide a free quote and our honest advice on security systems. Contact EcoSurge Electrical today.

We are fully licenced and qualified to install your security system and associated equipment, PLUS all of the work we do comes with our 5-year workmanship guarantee.

Home Entertainment Made Easy with EcoSurge Electrical

Does this sound like your house?

The oversized TV is precariously balanced on an undersized entertainment unit and the cabling for the soundbar looks like a bird’s nest and nothing quite works as well as you thought it should.

Maybe you have treated yourself to a new BIG LED 4K mega flat-screen TV and a sound system the envy of a small entertainment venue BUT… it’s not properly installed and you know it should be. If only you knew how to. Don’t be embarrassed about it, let us help you get it done. It is simple and easy.

We are here to help. Here’s how:

  • We mount BIG flat-screen TVs (and small ones, size doesn’t matter) on the wall and they stay there solid as a rock because we use the right size bracket and screws. The only thing hanging loose after we have been will be you

  • We can conceal the cabling from your TV to the home entertainment system if the sight of cables dangling in the air bothers you or you are worried about something getting caught in the web of cables

  • We install home entertainment and sound systems as they should be – properly, so you can enjoy the sound quality you paid for. And, yes, we will hide the cables by installing them out of sight too

  • If you need extra TV outlets installed we can do that too, or if the old TV aerial is past its use-by date we can fit a new one guaranteed to give you a crystal-clear picture that is razor-sharp

Plus, we can give you any advice you need to help improve the overall performance from your home entertainment system.

We fix bad internal WIFI coverage problems

If your internet connection feels like it is running at dial-up speed it may not be your internet plan.

Are you noticing that Netflix is constantly buffering especially when you have got all of your internet devices connected? This could be a sign that your WIFI is struggling.

Don’t throw the modem against the wall out of frustration. The solution could be as simple as having additional wireless access points installed, or the router needs to be located in a more central location, closer to where you are using your devices to get online.

Tech is what we live and breathe every day.

We install:

  • Flat-screen televisions – big and small ones
  • Home entertainment systems
  • Audio system
  • Antenna and additional TV outlets
  • HDMI cabling for connecting your devices easily to a screen
  • Electrical wiring, repair or remove old outdated cabling
  • Router installation to the right place of optimum performance
  • Wireless access points to fix your internal coverage issues to help keep you and everyone else in the house sane

We are qualified and experienced electricians.

All of our work comes with our standard 5-year workmanship guarantee to give you the peace of mind that it will be done once and done right.

We promise not to use tech-speak either… just simple plain English.

Let us help you get your home entertainment and technology working so you can sit back relax and enjoy it as soon as possible because that is what it is for. Plus, there is nothing that looks better when the job is done properly and looks good.

To find out how we can help with your home entertainment and technology needs call or email us at EcoSurge Electrical today.

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